Founding and History

About Lederer's Greenhouses

Lederer’s Greenhouses is a wholesale company that delivers hand-nurtured flowers to the largest plant retailers, landscapers, garden centers and interior designers in the greater Philadelphia area.

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The Best Greenhouse Flowers

Cultivating Thriving Greenhouses in our Growing Communities

As a third generation family-run business, Lederer’s Greenhouses takes pride in fostering each flower from the unrooted cutting stage into a fully matured and top quality product. The attention to detail, which has been a hallmark of the company, is evident in every plant that leaves the greenhouses for distribution. Their commitment to the highest of standards is what has made Lederer’s the top wholesaler for locally grown flowers in the greater Philadelphia area.

Lederer’s Greenhouses specializes in spring annuals, geraniums, holiday season crops such as poinsettias and yearlong plants such as african violets, elatior begonias, for a list of more plants, click here.
For further information contact: Lederer’s Greenhouses at (610) 495-6293
fax (610) 495-5761, or email at sales@lederersgreenhouses.com.

How It All Began

Our History

History reminds us of where we came from, our commitment to our customers, and our continued drive to deliver quality products throughout the great state of Pennsylvania.

It all began in 1929, when a young Herman Lederer came to America from Germany, looking to begin a new life. Although the economic turmoil of the time caused Herman some doubts, his work ethic and cultivation know-how soon landed him a job at a wholesale greenhouse. A few years after meeting his wife, Herman began his very own business in Parker Ford, PA. Despite setbacks such as the flood of 1972 and a severe hailstorm over the years, the Lederer family pushed through with the help of family and friends.

Herman’s grandsons, Christopher and Joseph Lederer, who have spent their entire lives learning the greenhouse business, now run the Lederer’s Greenhouses. Their commitment to delivering a quality product is evident by their long list of loyal and devoted clients, some of whom have been buying from the Lederer’s for decades.